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Westlake Lanes: How Can This Business Be Saved?

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Westlake lanes Case Solution. The Bargaining power of buyers is relatively higher as there is lot low-cost activities present in the market. It is said the low-cost activities are not direct competition for the Westlake Bowling Lanes, but they gave the power to Customers to choose between Bowling and low-cost entertainment, although the bowling lovers have only three bowling lanes available in.

Westlake Lanes - Case Study Westlake Lanes - Case Study Introduction: Westlake Bowling Lanes is sixteen lanes, Ten-pin bowling alley located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

BRING ON THE BIRTHDAYS. Take your birthday bowling. Let us host your next big event. Bowling makes everything more fun. Start planning now». Shelby Givens, a new MBA, is the general manager of Westlake Lanes, a near-bankrupt bowling alley that her grandfather founded decades earlier.

Givens has been given one year to turn a profit; if the goal is not met Westlake will close. Shelby Givens, a new MBA, is the general manager of Westlake Lanes, a near-bankrupt bowling alley that her grandfather founded decades earlier.

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