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The company, run by Jake Nickell, Jacob DeHart, and Jeffrey Kalmikoff, turned the fashion business on its head by enabling anyone to submit designs for t-shirts and asking its community of more thanmembers to help select winning designs. At Threadless, Customers Design the Product Loyal customers are also loyal designers at Threadless, a fast-growing T-shirt company based in Chicago.

The idea for Threadless grew out of Jake Nickell's hobby of creating digital designs for T-shirts. Tescom TESCOM™ Series Threadless Pressure Regulator Series ultra high purity, tied diaphragm pressure reducing regulator offers high flow and internally threadless and low internal volume design with Cv = The Series is available with 10 Ra surface finish.

Apr 24,  · JN: You know, in Harvard did a case study on Threadless – in fact, if you go to Harvard Business School, there is an entire class that teaches you about the Threadless business model.

One of the key questions that they ask is, “Should they go big retail? Case study in Crowdsourcing: Why the Power of the Crowd is Driving the Future of Business. Crown Business,pp.

Case Study: Threadless

Crown Business,pp. ISBN: Threadless, for example, is a hugely successful and iconic consumer driven company. Customers are invited to submit their own graphic artwork for printed T-shirts and other decorated merchandise, the online community then vote for their favorites, and the most popular designs go on to be produced and sold back to the consumers as limited editions.

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