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District Attorney Jeffrey S. Rosell

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Clerk Function The Clerk of the Superior Court, which the Arizona Constitution established as an elected official within each of the state's 15 counties, serves as the official record keeper and financial officer of the Superior Court.

The Clerk of the Superior Court serves as the official record keeper and financial officer of the Superior Court. All of the documents presented in a Superior Court case must be received, processed, secured and purged in accordance with certain statutory time constraints, archival standards and requirements.

The Santa Cruz County Clerk. Please provide detailed information (i.e. Case Number, Party Name, etc.) If you would like to search by case number, please ensure that the 'search by' field is set to 'smart search' and not 'case number'.

Santa Cruz County Office of Education

Cruz cases is a high quality construction case with reinforced stitching Cruz Universal Slider Large Case Fits Any Phone Less than inches Tall (Red Wine) by Cruz Case.

Case Study: Santa Cruz USA Wastewater Treatment Facility Improves Visibility, Reduces Energy Consumption by More than 50% with New Dialight LED Lighting.

Installation Snapshot.

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