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Nov 04,  · Impact Of Advertising Impact based advertising is a form of advertising designed to have a lasting psychological effect on viewers so they will remember the product or vendor. This approach can help advertising produce the greatest results for a given expenditure.

Get Advertisement tariff and circulation details of Punjabi Tribune a leading Punjabi Daily publishing from Chandigarh.

We book all types of ads at a discounted rate in Punjabi Tribune like display ads, tender notice, public notice, appointment ads, classified display Ad. Advertising details. • Ad Tariff Rate Card Divya Bhaskar.

Divya Bhaskar Advertising DetailsAD TARIFF RATE Essay  Divya Bhaskar Advertising details • AD TARIFF RATE CARD • CIRCULATION DETAILS • EDITION DETAILS Divya Bhaskar is a Gujarati Daily Newpaper publishing from Gujarat.

Advertising in City Bhaskar, Vadodara - Divya Bhaskar Newspaper. City Bhaskar - Vadodara Edition Advertising Details; View Detailed Pricing. Premium Options. Fixed Size. Rate Info Step.


Per Insert. Card Rate ₹ 70, Offer Rate ₹ 35, View Detailed.

Book Classified & Display Advertisements for the Divya Bhaskar Instantly!

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Welcome to ADVERTISING MEDIA We are an Advertising Agency working as Advertising Agents / Media Buying Agents booking ads in Local and Regional Newspapers in balmettes.coming is the list of newspapers publishing from various parts of India.

Divya bhaskar advertising detailsad tariff rate
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