Co ordination

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Define Co-Ordination

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Gross Motor Skills

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Movement - uncoordinated. Uncoordinated movement is due to a muscle control problem that causes an inability to coordinate movements. It leads to a jerky, unsteady, to-and-fro motion of the middle of the body (trunk) and an unsteady gait (walking style).

It can also affect the limbs. Why Is Coordination Important in Sports? Coordination is the ability of people to execute and control their movements, which is imperative in order to throw a ball, hit a home run, or even kick a goal.

In sports, coordination must occur between the eyes, hands, and feet. As children grow up, they. Definition of coordination in the Dictionary.

Meaning of coordination. What does coordination mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word coordination. Information about coordination in the dictionary.

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In a statement, the Co-ordination Committee said that the ratio of deaths of motorcyclists in road accidents was growing at a very high pace mainly due to brain injuries and it was a good step to ensure that concerned segments are made to ensure safety of their lives as well as those of others.

Co ordination
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