Can india become superpower till 2020

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India 2020

The full is responsible for much of the world innovations over the first part of the different century. India A Vision for the New Millennium is a book, written by late former President of India Dr.

A P J Abdul Kalam and Dr. Y S Rajan. The book was written by the duo in the yearbefore Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam's tenure as the President of India.

With railways running alongside, the northeast can become India’s trading hub with China and all of east Asia. We crib about the shortage of electricity in India, but forget that many projects which started a few years ago, will come on stream soon.

By the end of this year, more than 16, megawatts of new electricity capacity will come on line.

Will india become super-power in 202.?

Will India become a superpower by ? The year is probably a bit optimistic, as this development could likely take until or due to economic reasons.

India already holds some of the requisit e characteristics of a "superpower". Byit is unlikely that India will become a superpower. There are underlying factors that can be considered that hampers the country’s aim to become a future superpower.

One major issue is the problem with its socio-economic factors. A potential superpower is a state or a political and economic entity that is speculated to be – or to have the potential to soon become – a superpower. Currently, only the United States fulfills the criteria to be considered a superpower.

Jun 09,  · If India can really cross through storms like what Britain, France, the United States and Russia had done, India may become a new superpower. So let’s say like this, China and India should make more intervention, gaining more influences.

Can india become superpower till 2020
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