Advanced studies in professionalism

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Center for Advanced Studies in Trauma and Dissociation

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Certificate of Advanced Study for Professional Certification in School Counseling

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Contests, techniques, and applications; pp. What is new professionalism?. Advanced Studies in Biology Pre-Health Professional Student Group. Learn how students support one another through forums, resources and social networks on the Advanced Studies in Biology Pre-Health Professional Student Group page.

The Advanced Diploma in Professional Practice in Contract Management will give you competent skills to start your career as a Contract Manager/Project Manager/Contract Administrator/Claim Consultant/Project Control Engineer.

The Certificate of Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) is designed for persons who hold an MDiv or other professional degrees in ministry and wish to engage in a significant program of continuing education without seeking a doctoral degree.

The certificate may be designated for a particular area of study where appropriate faculty resources are available. Explore Advanced Studies in Psychology program courses at Northwestern School of Professional Studies. There is also a focus on effective professional communication, critical thinking and ethical decision-making.

At the end of the BS in health sciences program, you will have an opportunity to identify and research a topic which is important to you and your professional development and can be immediately applied to your work in the capstone course.

Nursing professionalism is an inevitable, complex, varied, and dynamic process. In this study, the importance, scope, and concept of professionalism in nursing, the concept of a beginning for further research and development, and expanding the nursing knowledge are explained and clarified.

Advanced studies in professionalism
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